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An Ultimate Guide into Tungsten Carbide

At the industrial level, the choice of raw materials matters a lot to the manufacturers. The main aim being using the ones with relatively better properties. One of the essential materials used is tungsten carbide. There is a lot to know about this metal as it is gaining more dominance in the manufacturing sector. It is crucial in several ways, especially when it comes to resistance to corrosion. It also has a relatively longer lifespan as compared to most metals. This is why it has a use in making certain parts of agricultural equipment. Going down to history, the discovery of metal was way back in 1781. However, the discoverer never found its use then until 1931. Since then, it has attracted a lot of research in trying to understand it more.

Which are its physical properties? Just like any other metal, tungsten carbide displays specific physical properties. When it comes to its strength, you will find it too rigid and resistant to mechanical pressure. It ranks high on the list of most melted metals and alloys. This is why engineers use the material in fabricating certain parts of marine vessels. What about its rigidity? Researchers indicate that it has Young’s Modulus of about 94,800,000 psi. This means it is two to three times more rigid than steel metal. In comparison with iron and brass, it is four to six more rigid. For anyone thinking of hard surfacing, tungsten carbide may be a good leash. If you want a material with high impact resistance and resistance to deformation, you can count on it.

How are the chemical properties? When analyzing metals concerning chemical properties, tungsten carbide shows promising results. One example is through its heat and oxidation resistance. While in oxidizing atmospheres, you will find it doing well with about one thousand Fahrenheit. For the non-oxidizing atmospheres, it stands at one thousand five hundred Fahrenheit. When you heat tungsten carbide to high temperatures of about one thousand four hundred degrees Celsius, it will maintain its average hardness. It makes it a good choice for products which are for working in hot environments. This is why many furnaces and exhaust pipes of automobiles come from the material. With tungsten carbide, you will not worry about corrosion as it is highly resistant to such.

Which are the applications of the material? Due to its robust physical and chemical properties, tungsten carbide is a good choice for many manufacturers. This ranges across almost all industries in need of strong and resistant materials to agents such as extreme heat and cold. In other words, tungsten carbide is paramount in making household items such as television sets, microwaves, fridges, and the like. Also, jewelers appreciate the need for the material as it makes the products much durable. When it comes to construction jobs, carbide is also dominant. The shipping crane manufacturers also benefit from the material as the structures are too strong to hold massive weights. The future is bright for the material as there is more research going on.

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